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Billboard Advertising More Than Meets The Eye

When most people think of billboard advertising, they invariably think of the big signs up high erected along every highway and on building roofs. But, as in so many other areas of modern life and display signage, the billboard has gone digital. These days, it is not uncommon to see an animated billboard along the roadway or even rolling along the road. Let’s explain this.

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A digital mobile billboard display can be mounted on any standard size commercial truck. Any Las Vegas advertising company which can roll these along the streets presents electronically generated static images, graphics, and animation going up and down every main avenue and thoroughfare for maximum visibility. The video quality is the same as that of any large jumbotron screen at a sports stadium and can be used for nearly any kind of graphical message the client wishes to display. The impact of a rolling billboard can be tremendous, reaching the most persons in a given hour any time of the day or night.

Of course, the large static billboard signs mentioned above still exist, but more of these are going digital as well. They are also jumbotron screens upon which any animated advertising display can be played on a continual loop. People may already be beginning to notice how more of these signs are appearing all over the city, taking Las Vegas advertising into a new dimension of graphical perfection and garishness. But then, overkill is a hallmark of showmanship, the flashier, the better.

Even the most ordinary spaces like bus stops can be covered by digital display technology. Every bus shelter along the Strip is now equipped with LED screens. Each one plays a fifteen-second ad spot. That’s four ads a minute, sixty total through a fifteen-minute cycle. Up to 60,000 vehicles pass through the Strip on a daily basis, and 40,000 persons ride public transit per day. Added to that are over 400,000 walking up and down the main drag passing these shelters. That’s around a half-million people per day who catch visual impressions from these shelter screens and digital billboards, and that’s just along the Strip. The opportunity to make a quick impression for one’s brand or product or service has never been better thanks to digital display technology. So it seems that booking time on one of these screens is a smart buy for the advertising dollar from any standpoint.

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